A list of projects that I have worked on and contributed to in the past.

9 projects
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LED panel

A for-fun light panel made with RGB LED strips, controlled by the shiny Pico micro-controller!
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Personal website

Using Hugo as a static site generator and my own theme, hosted on GH pages with CI
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CoderDojo LX

Champion and mentor at CoderDojo LX. Built our website with Hugo and GitHub Actions.
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Modelling of diseases

Using a simple Sick/Infected/Recovered model to track how diseases can spread in a community
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Remake of

Re-creating the popular game using p5.js and a few concepts in computer graphics and drawing
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Text flocking

Combining Boids-like steering behaviors and font-text generation to make flashy rainbow words!
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Timeout VC

Pioneered the launch of a custom video conferencing service for my university using a pool of 10 loadbalanced production servers and a front-end to interact with them. I was given a fancy award too!
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SRCF Documentation

Kickstarted the move from a long FAQ list to proper documentation built with Sphinx. One of its current maintainers for thousands of users.
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Assorted games

A range of games I made from 2015-2017 using p5.js and occasionally, physics libraries and/or Firebase for score tracking