LED panel


This project was my first attempt at building something with the Pico. It was a great introduction to some of the more lower level aspects of programming ARM Cortex-based micro-controllers and I got to see how PWM works under the hood.

I built this during the third (I think?) lockdown towards the end of Lent term, when the motivation begins to fade and the procrastination leprechauns come out :-).

A preview of what I built is below: {{ ref . “final.jpg” }}

The LED panel {{ < /figure > }} ## Introduction

I’ve written two useful journal entries on the topics covered here. The first is my [guide to PWM on the Pico]({{ ref . “/journal/picopwm”}}) and the second is [my first steps with the Pico]({{ ref . “/journal/pico-first-steps” }}), which contains some useful information on the ADC.